Accessories Add-On: Castors

The Reimagination of your space should never be stifled by permanence.


How to install the castors onto the Minidesk?

The castors are threaded and should be able to screw in easily by hand. It has an M8x10mm threaded stem. You can remove the existing rubber feet on the desk feet and replace them with the castors.

How much weight can the castors support?

The castors can support all our current Minidesk models with a max load of 130kg on the desk.


How much taller will the Minidesk be with the castors?

The castors will increase the base height by about 5cm.


Will the onsite assembly option for my Minidesk purchase include the installation of the castors?

Yes, the castors can be requested to be installed if you have purchased the delivery + assembly options.
If you already have an existing Minidesk, you can write in an email to to purchase the wheels and opt to add on an assembly option at a cost of $30.

Alternatively, you can purchase the castors from our website and do the installation yourself.

**We will have to flip the Minidesk to install the castors. Please remove your equipment and set up on your Minidesk before the arrival of our assembly team. Delivery charges may still apply.


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