Difference between Minidesk and Harmony

While both Harmony and Minidesk are height-adjustable desks, they are
fundamentally very different products.

The Harmony in its purest form is a MANUAL height-adjustable which
means the adjustment of the desk’s height would involve menial effort.
Harmony’s surface is made from premium multi-layered plywood and
finished with a wood laminate that gives it a classier look. Finally, Harmony
also comes pre-installed with a suite of exclusive shelves and accessories
that has been curated for maximum productivity.

The natural evolution of the Harmony, the Minidesk is an electric height-
adjustable desk – instead of cranking a handle, a touch is all that is
required to change the desk’s height. Made from the very same premium
MDF wood as our flagship Omnidesk Pro 2020 including the same toxin and
VOC-free powder-coat. However, unlike Harmony, Minidesk is essentially a
blank canvas that you can customise to your heart’s content – giving your
child a bespoke workspace.
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